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Flattering Color To Your Skin Tone

Posted on 29th Jul 2016 @ 4:05 PM

 Skin tone types according to Fitzpatrick.


Thomas B. Fitzpatrick was an American dermatologist and has been described as the father of modern academic dermatology. Because of his great work and so many experiences in the industry, he was considered as the most influential dermatologist of the last 100 years.

In his research, Fitzpatrick classified human skin color into six types in which, each type has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Those six skin color types are: very fair, fair, medium, olive, brown and black. These six types of skin color represent the variety of skin color around the world. And in Indonesia, three dominating types are: 



Fair is a skin type that has a pinkish undertone. This skin type usually burns when exposed to sunlight, but only get darkened occasionally.



Type of medium color when exposed to sunlight will quite easily turn brown .



This skin type has natural brown color even when minimally exposed to sunlight. 


Most of women consider appearance is important to gain self-confidence. And outfit choices always determine how good your appearance is. Women must aware of which type of color their skin is and which color they should wear. Color is the most important thing when it comes to styling. The right color on the right shade has the power to give your look an instant shot of radiance. So ladies, let’s figure out what flattering color that will work for your skin tone!


If your skin type is fair,

Your flattering colors are: brown, green, grey, blue. Look for maroon, raspberry pink and deep purples, those colors will brighten up your cheek.

Colors that you should avoid: anything too bright or vibrant that can overwhelm. Broken white will make you pale, while black bring the goth feel to your look. Neon, yellow and violet won't do you any good.


 screen-shot-2016-07-29-at-3.51.13-pm.png screen-shot-2016-07-29-at-4.00.31-pm.png

If your skin type is tan (medium or olive),

Your flattering colors are: the last of the color spectrum, which are bright and strong color. Warm color will give the romantic feel to your skin tone. White, oranges and reds captivate your look.

Colors that you should avoid: brown, black and the early color spectrum, like blue, gray and silver. Those colors will drown your skin color. 


screen-shot-2016-07-29-at-4.12.21-pm.png screen-shot-2016-07-29-at-5.06.23-pm.png