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Fashion Tips: Petites VS Talls

Posted on 17th Sep 2016 @ 6:53 PM


Illustration by Blanca Gomez


Certain things just can't be changed, as much as you might want to. Your body figure for example, if you are petites (under 160cm) your height can feel like a serious impediment to your style. You might find buying clothes a bit of a nightmare. That's when you don't understand the struggle of tall women face when trying to find stylish clothes that fit well. Yeah, it's hard out here too for tall women. But have no worries, all of you! Whether you are a petite or a tall person, we have the tips and tricks that will help you, a lot!




Photo via Pinterest


What works best:

  • Wear all one color, using color to enhance the illusion of height is a highly effective strategy, as it helps create a vertical line. 
  • For petite women, the best necklines are usually V or U shapes that create the illusion of height. They elongate the neck and make you look taller and leaner!
  • Cuff long shirt at the elbow, flowy long-sleeved shirts sometimes draw smaller frames.
  • Go short! Hemlines at or above the knee. Mini-skirts show more skin, which creates the illusion of a longer leg.
  • Ditch the gigantic shoulder bag, that means smaller cross-body bags and clutches are your best bet.


Keep in mind:

  • Keep your hair short, a long bob is the best option, it shows off your shoulders and your neckline, which makes you look taller. But if you have long hair try top knot.
  • When wearing crop pants, to get your best look make sure your pants are not too cropped and that the hem hits the ankle or slightly above ankle area.
  • Very large, gigantic prints all over your outfits can overwhelm your frame. Some says the print shouldn’t be larger than your fist.
  • When it comes to belts, petites should always opt for a skinny version. If you insist on a wider belt, choose one with the same color tone as the outfits.





Photo via Pinterest


What works best:

  • Skinny jeans are your BFF. Skinny jeans are the perfect opportunity for you to show off those gorgeous gams. We can't find a reason to complain.
  • Big accessories are perfection on you. Being able to wear big accessories is a perk the petites can't enjoy as much.
  • Embrace the maxi dress! Tall women look especially great in maxi. To create balance, you might want to try one that has a lower neckline.
  • Waist length jackets. If you're looking to form a distinction between your torso and lower half, throwing on a waist length jacket or blazer will do the trick. They're also enviably chic.


Keep in mind:

  • Follow the three inches rule for heels.
  • Tall women have long, beautiful bodies that are an amazing palate for prints. Don’t shy away from prints and patterns because they will increase the attention that you already get for being tall.
  • To give your body balance, add a belt to your waist.
  • Skip anything cropped, which can look shrunken on you.
  • Keep your look simple, you don't need to dress fussy.
  • For a maxi that isn't long enough to be maxi length, tie both side to make a no-sew midi look.


"No matter what advice you get, know that your style voice is the best and strongest. Wear what you feel best in. There is nothing you could put on that will look better than confidence." Alicia Jay, Fashion Blogger.