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    How To Order

    Shopping the latest fashion products in www.minimal.co.id is very easy. It’s quite simple steps to buy, please simply following these steps :

    1. Create an account first on our website www.minimal.co.id to shop with more benefits.
    2. Click on "Register" to create a new account before shopping with us. If you already have an account at www.minimal.co,id, please click "Sign In".

      How to Order - 1 

    3. Now you can start shopping for the latest fashion products in www.minimal.co.id. You also can use "Search" to simply find product that you looking for or use the "Category menu" if you want to make it more specific in accordance with the selected category.

      How to Order - 2 

    4. Read carefully the details of the product that you want to buy.
    5. If you found what you want to buy, please choose size, colour and quantity how much product that you want to buy. Then, click "Add to Cart" to process your shopping.

      How to Order - 3 

    6. Your order has been entered in the "Shopping Cart". You can see the items that you have order in your shopping cart by clicking the cart icon in the upper right corner.

      How to Order - 4 

    7. You can continue your shopping session to view other products by clicking on its other products without losing your order before in the shopping cart. If you are finished and want to process the payment, please click the icon of your cart and click "Continue Checkout".

      How to Order - 5 

    8. You can choose, add and edit your address.

      How to Order - 6 

    9. Dont forget to choose shipping method that you want.

      How to Order - 7 

    10. If you have promotional code, you can apply in "Promotional Code"

      How to Order - 8 

    11. You can choose, add and edit your billing address.

      How to Order - 9 

    12. Please choose payment methods for your order.

      How to Order - 10 

    13. If you have completed all of these conditions, please process your order by clicking the "Next". Make sure all your address, shipping method, billing address and payment method is correct. Click "Order" to make a payment from our partner, Doku.
    14. Please immediately make a payment so that your order could be delivered as soon as possible. Because we know that you want wear the latest fashion products directly in your home immediately.
    15. If you have made payment via bank transfer, please make confirmation of payment for your order to be delivered to your home.

      How to Order - 11 

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